Representing South River'sresidents and businesses.


Listening Ears and Hard Work

Since turning 6, I've called South River my home and I've always been proud of our humble and hard-working spirit. Since taking office, I've been advocating for ideas that make the town a more attractive place to live, and looking at ways to strengthen the business environment. Taxpayers deserve value for their dollar and my focus is on improving quality of life, which will in turn increase the value of property in the borough.

I'm a big believer in developing cohesive solutions to challenges. You can either address problems as they happen, or plan to reduce problems from happening down the road. Having foresight to plan and transition usually leads to value propositions —money invested today to save more tomorrow. Investing in our infrastructure with an ear towards environmental, safety, and community development considerations often times leads to longterm savings and a better borough. I take that sort of approach when evaluating decisions.


Efforts I'm working on